Shaving cream should be given more credit for being this awesome!

03/25/2016  —  By

If you’re a fan of shaving cream over gel, chances are you’ve decided more than once to stock up when your favorite brand is on sale. But what if you find that you’ve got so much shaving cream that you can’t find any extra space for other items you use in the bathroom? This video will show you 5 ways to use up some of those extra cans, leaving you with more storage space and a few handy strategies for those times when you have plenty of shaving cream, but no actual cleaning products.

From squeaky door hinges to steamed-up mirrors, shaving cream is remarkably useful in contexts besides rendering your face smooth and soft post-shave. The video even shows you how to use it to get rid of stains on your shirt – although the method seems to leave you with a rather damp shirt that you will then have to use a hair-dryer or (or just let the sun’s heat dry it out). Also, if you’ve ever struggled to scrub paint off your hands and wished there was a better way to get rid of it, the answer to your problem is here! Seriously, shaving cream is a great investment in more ways than one!

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