Prepare for your next adventures with these survival tips!

03/29/2016  —  By

Think you know a lot about survival? Don’t get too confident. Some what you’ve learned may have been proven to be wrong, extremely risky, or just flat-out lies. It happens. That’s why it’s good to search out various sources of information and compare them to see what may be true and what’s not.

This is a rather long video, but it does mention some survival tips that you may not have learned about from elsewhere. Some of the tips are location-dependent. They won’t work if you’re in the wrong spot, or even the wrong hemisphere.

Some tips are for protecting your eyesight. Some are meant to show you how to combat intestinal upset from drinking unfiltered water that hasn’t been purified. You’ll even find a few tips on hygiene, and a couple of alternate uses for sanitary pads and tampons.

If you’re worried about staying warm or cool, the video covers that too. It’s actually quite easy to find insulation materials in the wild. You’ll just have to accept that using these materials will mean putting up with a few bugs here and there, and things like tree sap. It’s a small price to pay for ensuring that your shelter is comfortable and that you won’t freeze if you’re out and about when temperatures are very low.

This is just one of many videos out there offering suggestions and tips on how to survive in the wild. Watch it, learn from it. You’ll be prepared for the unexpected.

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