Never Release These Pets if You Want to Protect Your Environment

03/25/2016  —  By

Each year, millions buy exotic animals that they think will make amazing pets. The problem is that the animal becomes too much to handle and so they just release it into the environment. This means that an animal that could be potentially dangerous to the area you live in is free to roam around. This can be bad for you and your neighbors, so here are six “pets” you should never release.

Goldfish – most think that these pets are really cute, but if they are released into the wild they not only contain viruses, but there are no known predators to the goldfish. Many ponds and streams have been ruined by these fish (really), and have cost the government millions to clean up after and remove.

Starlings – these birds are common across the pond, but not in the U.S. A man in the 1860s brought 100 of these birds to America and within 80 years they covered the country and have killed off many other types of birds.

Tegu – this black and white lizard have been released in Florida and are not only harming other reptiles but are a danger to cats and dogs.

Wild Hogs – these wild animals are ferocious and a danger to any other creature that comes around them.

Terrapin – a U.S. based turtle is now finding its way in Europe and Asia. These animals are much bigger than the indigenous turtles and so they are taking over ecosystems and leading to real issues.

Norway Maple – while this is a tree, this maple takes over ecosystems because of how large they are. They are wiping out many other forms of maple, thus killing off other plants and animals that need the indigenous maple to survive. They are popular because of how much shade they provide, but dangerous to the overall environment.

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