Never know when or where your money leaks! here’s some 7 Money Saving Lifehacks !

02/06/2016  —  By

Lifehacks – DO! TRY this at home! IT really works

  1. Save food with freezer bag! without the Vacuum sealer. Use only water and a freezer bag.
  2. Cheat your electric device with one battery and a screw!
  3. Gush of Toilet flush, Lowering Your bill with 1 liter bottle.
  4. Talk to your neighbor about, Sharing password & Split WiFi cost.
  5. Make simple fabric refresher with things at home!
  6. Eco friendly cleaners that can use all around your kitchen.
  7. SWOP general bulbs to LED bulbs! Which lasts longer!

Enjoy Lifehacks everyday with us !