McDonald’s: Tidbits & Secrets

03/29/2016  —  By

When someone says, “I see golden arches ahead,” what do you immediately think of? If you’re like most people, the words trigger images of McDonald’s: chicken nuggets, Big Macs, McChicken sandwiches, and those much-loved French fries. As with many businesses which have reached the status of “icon,” McDonald’s has some shocking history.

It’s no secret that the biggest attraction of McDonald’s is the Happy Meal, and the toys a child can get with their order. It’s also no secret that the playgrounds found within many McDonald’s restaurants are another reason children love going. Both factors lead to a somewhat surprising conclusion about toy providers.

Hamburgerology. It’s real, and McDonald’s employees can get a degree in it. Watch the video to learn more.

Addicting? Yes. The video details why, using an experiment performed on rats to further explain the effects.

How much beef do you think Americans consume each year? How much of that comes from McDonald’s? The answer may shock you.

Just how close is the closest McDonald’s to where you live? You might be closer to a quick meal than you think. Someone actually did the work of figuring out the average distance between a person’s home and the nearest McDonald’s (note: the graphic shown in the video applies only to the USA).

Even the mascot of McDonald’s isn’t without a black mark or two on his record. The one mentioned in the video, however, may be somewhat puzzling. It might have more to do with marketing than anything else.

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