Make That Bathroom As Clean As the Day You Moved In

09/21/2016  —  By

A bathroom is the one spot people dread the most when cleaning a home.  We tend to let them build up dirt and grime, but have no fear!  This video contains seven great tips to clean a bathroom thoroughly and easily, so grab a pair of gloves and get to work.


There’s nothing wrong with going out and spending a few dollars on glass cleaner, but wouldn’t you rather save money?  It turns out that black tea and newspaper works just as well as name brand cleaning sprays.  Grab a basic black tea bag from your cupboard and brew a delicious batch of tea, but don’t drink it.  Pour it in a spray bottle and get to work on the bathroom mirror.  Wipe up with newspaper for a spotless view.

Water stains annoy with their tendency to remove any gloss and shine from perfectly good faucets.   A simple method to removing these stains involves first cleaning the faucet with a lemon, then wrapping a washcloth around the faucet and soaking it with white vinegar.  Let it sit and finally scrub out any remaining spots with an old toothbrush.


Vinegar works as a great shower and toilet cleaner.  Check out the video to discover this common household item’s usefulness as well as a few other tricks for getting that bathroom to look as good as new.

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