Magnets Just Sitting Around? Put Them to Use

09/22/2016  —  By

Magnets, how do they work?  We aren’t here to provide that answer (a simple internet search will do the trick), but we do have a great video that shows the best way to use magnets in the meantime.

Magnets needs be an important part of a toolbox for those who often work on construction or household DIY projects.  Attach a small magnet near the tip of a manual screwdriver to magnetize the head and pick up screws more easily.  Placing a magnet inside a chest pocket is also quite helpful.  Now small nails and screws hang right outside a shirt, making sure this handyman will never have to search or fumble with nails in a pocket again.  Accidentally drop a box of nails, nuts and bolts?  Attach a larger magnet to the bottom of  a small box and wave it over the dropped metals.  Watch them fly back into the box with ease.


Perhaps one of the most handy uses for magnets is as a wire or cord organizer near desks.  Hot glue a few magnets to the side of any desk (one magnet for each cord).  Remove the spring from a basic pen and wrap it around the cord.  The magnet and spring will attract, and now the cords stick to aside the desk and keep the ground uncluttered.


There are plenty more tricks with magnets, so watch the video and see what else is in store.

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