Kitchen tool hacks you can try

03/02/2016  —  By


Here are some really handy kitchens tools that will make you feel like a pro!

A pineapple corer– this is my personal favorite.  After cutting around the inside edge of your topless pineapple, you place the corer in the center and turn.  We you hit the bottom, simply pull out the core.  Now you are ready to make pineapple rings, chunks, or whatever ever you like.  You also have a handy pineapple shell to serve in!

Garlic tube– this is a thin plastic tube about 8 inches long that quickly peels your garlic.  Simply [lace the cloves inside the tube and roll it.  As they are peel they fall out the ends

A corn cob shaver – This handy self contained device will remove the kernels from your cob without making a mess.

Heat resistant gloves- There are many different types on the market for you to choose from. Pick your own style and material but do pick! Your hands and fingers will thank you!

An apple cutter/corer- This handy tool is placed over an apple. Merely push down and your fruit is cut in to even slices and the core is removed!

These are just a few of the quick, quirky and practical culinary tools available on the market for very little money

Enjoy Lifehacks everyday with us !