Kidnapping – How to Escape or Avoid?

03/25/2016  —  By

Kidnapping has become more prevalent now days. It’s a kind of crime that is mostly done to get the ransom or to hijack people in order to take revenge. In most of the cases, kids are kidnapped while asking for the ransom from their parents. As per the study, sixty percent of the kidnapped people have returned to their homes safely and unharmed. But the next forty percent has either got injuries or they have been killed by the kidnappers.

Kidnapping is such an activity that can even occur with you without any prior signs. Kidnapping can also be done by the terrorist groups in order to send a message. In this form, such crime is not done for money. This is done to spread a particular message. There are some activities that you can do in order to survive against kidnappers. If you are attacked by them then you need to keep your body lower to the ground. If they have made your hostage within a car, then look for the chances of your escape. Find out the way to escape from that car.

During this situation, you need to stay calm and listen very carefully what they are talking about you. Try to find out the reason why you have been kidnapped. Always try to leave the clues behind, this will help the search team or the police department to find you quickly once they have received the report about kidnapping. You also need to search for the escape route, think about how you can escape from that place. To do this you need to make the correct assessment about that place first and try to find out the weak zone.

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