Inject New Style into Old Clothes

09/29/2016  —  By

Nothing feels better than putting on a great outfit and going outside.  Your confidence goes through the roof!  So what happens when your clothes start to get a little old?  Don’t give them away (though it’s a kind act).  Don’t throw them away.  Instead, watch this video and find out how to add some flair to the items that usually stick at the back of your closet.

Distressed jeans have been a fashionable look for a while, so store bought pairs tend to cost more.  Well it turns out that distressing jeans on your own isn’t difficult at all, and doing it yourself will provide the exact look you want.  Start off by making small cuts with scissors wherever you’d like.  Take a small piece of sandpaper and rub the cut area to loosen threads and open cuts more widely.  Loosen threads even more by scratching the area with scissors.  Repeat these steps anywhere until satisfied.  Don’t put those scissors away just yet.  Use them to cut up a t-shirt for a look that matches well with your newly made distressed jeans.


If you don’t go for that type of fashion, we have plenty of other hacks: turn a t-shirt into a tank top or t-shirt dress, change up a halterneck bikini for when you visit the beach, turn a woman’s scarf (the big kind) into a vest, and a there’s also a tip on how to keep dress shirt sleeves from falling down.

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