Hot Chocolate Loves, Popcorn Lovers: Make Your Own Flavors!

09/28/2016  —  By

Back with more food hacks, and these are as easy as ever.  For example, did you know how easy it is to cook corn?  Forget about an oven.  Place corn in a microwave for 4 minutes and it’s done.  Cut off the ends and remove the corn silk and husk without any difficulty.


We all know eating ice cream straight from the tub is the best way to enjoy this delicious dessert but what to do about the ice cream lid?  Accumulated ice cream just sits there and melts, probably spilling a few drops in the kitchen when you put the tub back in the freezer.  Try this next time: leave the lid in the freezer.  Now there’s no melted ice cream mess.

For the hot chocolate lovers out there (yes, even in the summertime), here’s a new way to make this favorite beverage. Throw out those hot chocolate mixes… actually, go ahead and use them up before trying this hack.  Heat up a cup of milk in the microwave and put a piece of your favorite chocolate candy inside.  Stir it up and try your new hot chocolate.  Any chocolate candy works, giving you unlimited options.


We didn’t forget about popcorn lovers.  Check out the video and learn how to many popcorn with any flavor along with other neat hacks (like how to cook ramen even if you don’t have a bowl).

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