Aluminum foil that charges the phone in 10 seconds! true?!

02/26/2016  —  By

Low Battery!!! Beep! Beep!  Your phone goes off; how about a simple life hack that charges your phone in 10 seconds. Yes! 10 seconds. Don’t be surprised, here is a small trick and your phone will be charged in few seconds, and there is no rocket science involved in it. All you need is your phone (obviously the one running low on battery), your charger and aluminum foil.

Fold the foil to the size of the phone and carefully wrap the phone leaving the top and bottom area open. Now plug in the charger and leave the phone for 10 seconds, after 10 seconds un-wrap the phone and what you see is no less than magic, your phone is charged now and ready to use. Save on your energy with this simple hack and leave your comments below.

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