More Great Tips to Survive in the Wilderness

03/25/2016  —  By

If you have read the previous article we produced, then you learned some basic survival techniques that will really help you in the wilderness, including getting a fire started, building a poncho tarp, and finding plants that are edible to eat.

While these can help you to survive, there are more things to know if you are going to prosper under the gaze of Mother Nature. Here are a few more tips to learn.

Make Your Whereabouts Known – the first thing that anyone should know to do before heading out to the woods is to let other people know they will be gone, where they are going, and when they will return. If you are lost or injured, no one will be looking for you if they do not know you are missing or where to look.

What to Bring with You – the gear you bring is very important. The most important thing that a person can bring with them is a steel knife, as long as you have a ready supply of water. Most of what you will need you can find in the wilderness, including food, water, and shelter. Your knife will help you to be able to get food and to cut branches and other materials to use for fires and shelter.

Purify All Water – You always want to make sure that you boil all water you drink or use for cooking. There are too many different kinds of bacteria and viruses that can make you sick or lead to death.

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