These Gifts Get All the Attention

10/05/2016  —  By

Doesn’t it always seem like self-made gifts get the most attention at a party?  Spend $50 dollars on a nice dress but the DIY picture frame gets all the love.  Don’t miss out from now on with these DIY gift hacks.


Instagram remains one of the top social media sites, so chances are your best friends upload their favorite pictures constantly.  Print out those photos and frame them (a square frame works best since it matches Instagram’s picture format) for a constant reminder of all the fun you had together at that party last year or any other special day.

You’ll need the following for this next gift hack: unscented wax, a wick, a glass, essential oil, a ceramic cup, and a chopstick.  That’s right, learn how to make a scented candle!  After all, store-bought candles are too expensive, and the personal touch adds a great dimension to a gift everybody loves.  Once you’ve made the candle according to the video’s instructions, learn how to wrap it up with two, yes two, pieces of tape.


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