Get a Faster, Thicker and Longer Hair with the Use of Onions

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Considering all the stress that we put our tresses through, it’s a miracle that we aren’t all bald yet! However, we do have a couple of tricks up our sleeves to make at least some of the stress go away. Get ready to get rid of the distress in your tresses with the use of natural ingredients like onion and honey. But before we proceed any further you should know that positive results depend upon several factors. For different people, the number of days taken for the treatment to be effective might vary. That’s because different people have different types of hair and other external conditions. Factors like environment, pollution and how much effort you are willing to devote for the well-being of your hair, matter. These factors play an important role in your quest to reduce your hair-fall.


The Onion Factor: Secret Unveiled

Very few people know that onions can be a very powerful weapon in your arsenal when you are on the battlefield fighting against hair-fall. They can work miracles for thinning hair as well as excessive hair-fall, by preventing them. You would have to squeeze out their juice, of course. You can’t just put slices of onion on your head and expect them to work miracles. Onion juice contains a high quantity of sulfur, which helps with your blood circulation which would, in turn, take care of hair growth and repair. Sulfur contains amino acids which help in the protein build-up. Another important factor which helps with the growth of hair is keratin. Keratin too has a high level of amino acid protein buildup. Onions possess a high quantity of proteins and keratin, which will not only help with your hair growth but it will also make your hair shiny and smooth. If you mix onion juice with honey and apply it on your hair, you will notice the change in your hair. Honey possesses moisturizing properties which are highly beneficial for hair.


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