Finally, Another Use for Those Binder Clips

09/26/2016  —  By

You know those big binder clips that are only useful for clipping huge stacks of paper together?  You’ve probably only needed one a few times in life unless you’re a lawyer or graduate student.  It turns out they have more uses than expected.


We’ve covered hot glue guns before on this site but missed out on something important: how to store a hot glue gun.  It turns out these binder clips work perfectly as a glue gun stand.

That’s not the only way binder clips work as a stand.  Remove the handles and set a picture inside the clip.  What a simple picture stand.  Most lasers work when you activate them with a simple press of a button, but maybe you need to run one constantly for a few minutes.  Small lasers easily fit inside binder clips, and the pressure will keep hold button down, keeping that laser running.  Finally, these clips work well as GoPro stands if you find yourself without the original.


Perhaps the coolest idea here is the travel shaver saver.  Storing a razor for a trip is kind of a hassle without a case, but a medium sized binder clip is the perfect size.  Hold the clip open and stick the razor head inside.  The clip closes and holds the razor in place.  Don’t worry about it getting loose in your luggage.


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