How to Fall Asleep FAST in 40 Seconds

07/14/2016  —  By

Everybody has a night where you just can’t seem to fall asleep no matter what you do.  Change positions?  Doesn’t work.  Try eating some food?  At least you’re no longer hungry.  Watch some TV with the hope that whatever infomercials currently on air will bore you to sleep?  Still awake… luckily there are people who have experienced this problem and figured out methods to send you right to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.


Making yourself tired is probably the easiest thing you can do to make yourself fall asleep, but how?  Make your eyes tired.  Tired eyes mean shut eyes, which means getting some shut-eye.  There are other methods to tire your body or brain out with physical and mental exercises.

How about a scientific approach?  It’s generally easier to sleep in a cooler room than a hot one (think about the current summer nights).  Tell yourself that you’re going to stay up no matter what as you lull off to dream land (reverse psychology at work).


Did you try simply relaxing?  You’re going to keep waking yourself up with all that tossing and turning.  Stay in the same position and try a calm breathing exercise.  And no phone or computer before bed (check out the video to see how their light messes with your brain)!


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