How to Eliminate Knee and Joint Pains in 5 Days

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There are several reasons why one could be experiencing joint aches: they could have a genetic medical condition or it could be wear and tear attributed to old age or due to any injury inflicted by some external stimulus. If such pain persists for a prolonged period of time, then it is advisable to opt for a medical check-up.


There are several allopathic, homeopathic and alternative medicine treatment available for joint pain nowadays. But nothing can beat the importance of a home remedy. Most of the home remedies have been testified by time and vetted by experience. This particular concoction for joint aches is no different. Many people opt for this method of remedy and therapy as they are made from natural ingredients which be availed easily and most importantly do not have any adverse side effects.



The Ingredients Required:

If your joint aches continuously for more than a week, then you should go to a doctor. But before visiting the doctor’s chambers you could try out this smoothie. You can make it at home with easy to attain ingredients like pineapple and orange. You would also require a cup of rolled oats, cinnamon stick and natural honey.


The Proportion of Ingredients:

• One glass of orange juice
• Two small cups of diced pineapples
• Two cups of water
• One cup of rolled oats
• One cinnamon stick
• Raw and natural honey.


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