You Don’t Have to Smile to Know the Best Cheeses of All-Time

03/25/2016  —  By

Cheese is something that goes with just about everything. This is why it is so popular. Of course, while a great food, there are some that are better than others. Here are the very best 10 out there.

Roquefort – the most popular form of Blue Cheese, aged in caves in France. This is a very sophisticated cheese that many love in salads.

Chevre – commonly called goat cheese, this is made all over the world, and is differentiated in many countries by the various herbs and spices that are added to it.

Gruyere – This hard yellow cheese has both a sweet and salty taste. It is perfect with so many foods and this is why it is so popular. This cheese has been named the world’s best four times, a record.

Emmental – a type of Swiss cheese that is made with cow’s milk. The distinctive holes are caused by carbon dioxide which is produced during the process of making the cheese.

Feta – this Greek cheese has spread to many parts of the world, and is enjoyed because it appeals to all four taste buds. Made primarily from sheep’s milk and is used mostly in salads.

Gouda – this is a cheese that can change in flavor the more it has aged. Served quite often with wine.

Mozzarella – everyone’s favorite topping for pizza, this cheese can be used in so many foods or just eaten plain. Many other types of cheese are made from a Mozzarella base

Parmesan – This cheese can only be made in Italy, and is aged from one to three years. Mainly used as a condiment or garnish.

Brie – a very rich, buttery, and spreadable cheese, this is known as the Queen of All Cheeses. It is made in a wheel, and has many great nutrients.

Cheddar – the King of Cheeses is used in just about everything, and this is why it is the most popular cheese on earth.

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