Cool Down With These Summer Treats (and other Summer Hacks)

09/23/2016  —  By

Summer is in full swing, and the hottest days are upon us, but make the most out of this season with some great life hacks you can discover in today’s video.

One of the easiest ways to cool down is by eating cool snacks and food.  Remember those freezer pops handed out on field days back in elementary school?  Store them upright in the freezer so the popsicle sets evenly.  Clip them underneath wire freezer shelves to maximize storage space.  Watermelon is another favorite summer treat, but eating them can lead to a mess.  Make watermelon popsicles with nothing more than a knife (be careful!), a bowl large enough for the watermelon and popsicle sticks. We also have a few other food tips, including how to make an ice cream cookie cup.


Time to go outside and run around the sprinkler for a bit.  Have a nearby extension cord you don’t want to get wet?  Take an old plastic tupperware container with a lid and cut two holes on the side opposite one another. Place the outlet inside and close the lid.  Now it’s secure inside a waterproof chamber.


This cool video contains a few other small DIY projects for summer fun, such as a noodle beverage boat for when you go to the pool or a small rope swing that’s easily installed on a sturdy tree.  Learn how to make these and a have a great time.

Enjoy Lifehacks everyday with us !