Burnt Cookies? We’ve a Hack to Fix That!

10/04/2016  —  By

You can never have enough baking hacks.  They’ll not only speed up the baking process but give you better tasting goods.  Pay attention to the following hacks, and try them out yourself!

Need room temperature butter?  Microwaving it will do the trick if you have absolutely no time, but that method isn’t recommended.  Make it room temperature yourself.  Place the amount of butter required inside a ziploc bag, beat it with something such as a pin roller to flatten the butter, then kneed with your hands.  It’s room temperature and nothing melted.  Now how about room temperature eggs?  This method is just as easy.  Place eggs in warm water or crack and drop the egg in a bowl (each egg needs its own bowl), then let them sit for a few minutes until reaching room temperature.


Never burn cookies again with this hack… okay well we can’t promise no more burnt cookies, but there’s a simple way to save burnt cookies.  Take out a grater or butter knife and scrape off the burnt sections.  Only the properly baked portion remains.


Those aren’t all of today’s hacks.  Find out how to make colored sugar and baked cheese crisps, and discover an alternative to frosting on cupcakes by checking out this video!

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