Benefits of Eating Garlic and Honey for 2 Weeks

04/01/2018  —  By

The thought of combining garlic and honey is quite odd but the results are pretty impressive. When both of them are combined together it helps you to keep your body strong and healthy. Garlic has a fresh and unique smell. It has a distinct aroma and is used as a common ingredient in every kitchen. Garlic has medicinal properties and acts as a natural antibiotic. Low in calorie, garlic has the ability to control cholesterol as well as reduce inflammation. Garlic has an active component known as allicin which helps to strengthen the heart health.
Raw honey contains vitamin B6 which has several nutritional benefits and also aids in better digestion. It also helps to lower cholesterol level and maintains a healthy weight. The antibacterial and antioxidant properties of raw honey improve your immune system.


Some of the benefits of eating ginger and garlic together are discussed in the video 😀



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