Becoming a Ninja – Make It Look Easy!

03/25/2016  —  By

Martial art plays a very important role in our lives. This helps us to survive under some critical condition. Martial art is all about defending yourself from the possible threat. If you have been attacked and you know a few martial arts tricks, then this can be even helpful in terms of escaping or protecting yourself from those malicious attacks. In this regard, becoming a ninja seems to be a good option and you will also enjoy becoming a ninja. There are some simple martial art tricks that you can follow in order to appear as a true ninja. We are not talking about killing others just like you have seen in those ninja based films.

Rather you need to protect yourself from a possible attack that is triggered towards you to make your injured or to kill you. When someone attacks you, put your right hand under his right hand and your right leg under his right leg and try to push that person so that he can fall on the ground. This is a simple trick yet it plays a very important role when you want to prevent that person from hampering your body. Smoke bombs, boiling water and blinding powder are the tricks that ninjas have used for several times in the past to protect themselves or to attack others. These days, also such things are used and practices by the ninjas in Japan. Being a ninja needs you to have strong mind and proper practice of the tricks.

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