Bathroom Always Smelly? Not Anymore (and Other Household Hacks)!

10/05/2016  —  By

Prepare to make your life easier starting today, because this video consists of hacks anybody can find useful in the home.


Bringing in groceries from the car after a big trip to the store isn’t as easy as we’d like.  Bags are too heavy and tear, the grips hurt your fingers, and all this spreads across several trips.  Next time bring a carabineer or two along and hook those plastic grocery bags.  That’s a good five or six bags on each carabineer.

Smelly bathrooms are a common household issue even with candles or an aerosol dispenser.  Pour a few drops of essential oil inside the roll of toilet paper hanging besides the toilet.  The concentrated amount will help offset any bad smells, but remember to add a few drops any time you change a roll or else this hack won’t work for long.


Now that the bathroom candle doesn’t have purpose, take it to another room for decoration and clear up the air.  But what if the candle is too deep and difficult to light?  Don’t risk burning yourself.  Take a single stick of angel hair spaghetti (or any long, thin pasta) and light the end.  It’s long enough to reach the wick, right?


For more hacks, including how to untie and properly tie knows, how to store plastic grocery bags and more, check out this video!

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