Picking the Right Cocktail to Match Who You Are as a Man

03/25/2016  —  By

There are many things that men use to help establish their character. The clothes they wear, car they drive, and area they live in. All of these help to define them as men. Well, so does the cocktail they drink. In this list of 10 there is sure to be one that suits you or, for you ladies, your man.

Mojito – talk about a drink that just sounds sexy. This is the perfect cocktail for down on the beach while you are flirting with some bikini clad babe.

Sazerac – This is potent drink that is quite popular in New Orleans, the whiskey concoction is a tasty beverage that is sure to quench any third while making you look cool.

Rum & Coke (Cuba Libre) – one of the most popular drinks any place in the world. It’s easily accessible ingredients make it the perfect drink anywhere and for any event.

Tom Collins – This is another one of those drinks that everyone has heard about. The gin based drink is a popular drink that is perfect for the pool party.

White Russian – Nothing like a sweet vodka drink. This is a great drink for your average joe.

Bloody Mary – Another vodka based drink, combined with tomato juice and other ingredients makes it a winner with many, especially because of the sassiness of the taste.

Old Fashioned – This is a classic that can be made in many ways. It is making a comeback with men.

Jack & Coke – the man’s drink as whiskey and coke are combined to make this common cocktail.

Gin and Tonic – This is another drink that many have heard before. Common ingredients make this a classic anywhere.

Martini – the James Bond drink is the most consumed cocktail in the world You will feel like a man drinking this beverage.

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