Home Remedies to Treat and Cure Diabetes

03/19/2018  —  By

We have all come to know and fear the word diabetes. It is a condition that many countries of the world are now facing as a challenge on a nationwide population scale. Although it is just a condition where the sugar level of the blood is elevated beyond the normal lines of control, as simple as it sounds, the condition itself is pretty deadly.


The reason why diabetes takes place is primarily due to two reasons – one condition when the body stops producing insulin and this condition is known as type I diabetes. The second condition is when even though the pancreas produces insulin, the body is not able to utilize it properly, and this kind of diabetes is known as type II diabetes.


The second type is common, mostly among people north of forty years of age. But the first type is an auto immune disease, where the body’s defense itself attacks the pancreas.


Now let’s see some home remedies to tackle diabetes via this video 😀



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