Make the Most of Your Day at the Beach

09/27/2016  —  By

There’s nothing more fun than a day at the beach on a hot summer day.  Check out this video and learn some great hacks that will make the day even better, then grab your friends, jump in the car and get going to the beach!

It’s time to claim your spot for the day.  Unfortunately, you know that sand will end up getting everywhere: on your towel, in your bag, in your lunchbox.  Well not if you brought a mattress cover along!  Turn it upside down and prop an item in each corner where the elastic grips are located.  Now you have a makeshift “fortress” that keeps sand out.  Did you consider what to do with your valuables?  Store them inside a plastic container and bury it in the sand under the fortress.  Just don’t forget where it is later.


If you don’t mind getting a little sand on you while sunbathing or taking a break from swimming, make a beach chair right on the beach.  Scoop out a hole big enough to sit in and pile it up beside in a mound where you’ll sit against.  Cover the area with a beach towel and your chair is ready.


For more great tips such as how to get sand off your body easily or make a portable speaker, watch the video and prepare for your awesome trip to the beach.

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