Which animals are the most intelligent? You might be surprised!

03/25/2016  —  By

It’s not surprising that humans are curious about the intelligence of non-human primates and other animals. After all, we’re an intelligent and curious species, and it must have seemed perfectly natural to wonder, “Just how smart are animals?” What we have learned since the first attempts to answer, though, has often shocked us, even delighted us.

Presenting: a video of the top 10 most intelligent animals! Some of them you already know (dolphins) and some may surprise you (pigs). Some were known to be intelligent, at least as humans measure this trait, but it is the degree of their intelligence which is stunning. Who would imagine that a bird could possess reasoning skills better than that of a seven-year-old human, outside of a fantasy story? Or that rats communicate in more ways than squeaks and teeth chattering?

Want to know more? Just click play and prepare to be enlightened (and possibly scared, depending on how comfortable you are with the reality of animals remembering who the jerks in the neighborhood are based on facial features). There are some honorable mentions at the end of the video as well, some of which may come as an even bigger surprise to you.

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